What is your business exit plan? Are you aware of the current pitfalls facing small businesses? How will you ensure you maximize the best sales outcome for the business you have built?

As a small business owner, the decision to sell what you have created can be one of the most important milestones of your life. While it may seem daunting, what’s more dangerous is thinking you know what to do on your own. There is a prescribed method to follow and I would like to share that with you to ensure you celebrate to the fullest when crossing the sales finish line.

As an experienced small business owner, myself, I have encountered the obstacles and missteps that can occur during the sales process. My goal is to safeguard you from these hazards and bring you the successful sale your hard work deserves.

I bought my first business right out of college, grew it, and sold it for a profit. It turns out that experience would not help me. While I caught the business bug, being successful out of the gate clouded my judgement. The real learning occurred from mistakes I would make as I pursued and sold other businesses and franchises throughout the years. Thinking I knew what to do on my own actually became more costly. I missed opportunities that veterans would have eyed in a minute.

While each business situation is unique, there are commonalities and proper due diligence techniques that should occur. With my 30 years of experience, I can work with you, your lawyers, accountants and other business resources to provide proper oversight and tactics that will facilitate your deal and get you the most profit.

I want to help you succeed. Let’s connect for a FREE Discovery Consultation to determine if my services will be mutually beneficial to your sale. You can reach me directly at 973 449 4890.

Scott Stein
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